Lunes, Oktubre 24, 2005

Fuck You, Vanity Fair!

Tristram Shandy would never stoop so low as to call for a boycott. That kind of shit's for the "I-wuz-hijacked-by-9/11" crowd. However, we must spit in the general direction of Vanity Fair for firing Andrew Krucoff. 1) VF, you suck ass. In case TS readers didn't know, we take great delight in informing you that, no, Graydon Carter does not write his own editor's letter. Dick. 2) We're going to go one further than Miss Coen, and pray that you fuckers lose even more lawsuits. Like when the Proust estate finally gets around to suing your fucking asses for defamation of character. On the plus side, we assume that it's only a matter of days before he starts working at the Observer, where his talents will be better suited. Peter W. Kaplan is a far better man.

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